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Top Benefits of Using a Recycled Rubber Horse Stall Mat.

Anyone caring for horses and cleaning their stalls everyday would want to know about any easier and more hygienic way to get the job done.  A concrete or dirt floor creates an awful mess with the bedding and waste from the horse, especially if combined with wet winter weather. 


The combination of the cold and the damp of the mud, mixed with straw bedding is definitely not a healthy environment for the horses. 

If you are looking for an alternative to your current horse stall flooring conditions, consider getting at least one trial of recycled rubber horse stall mat. They can be bought online and delivered to your stables, so there is no effort and not much cost involved in checking out this alternative. 

When you start looking around at other stables, you will be surprised at the amount of horse owners who are now using recycled rubber horse stall mats. They are used for their convenience of cleaning, horse comfort for standing and laying on a warmer and softer surface that also has good traction so that the horse can rise and walk with confidence. 

The cost of recycled rubber horse stall mat is quickly recovered in savings on horse bedding you would normally have to buy and add to the stable. It benefits in the time you save when you or your staff spends in the actual cleaning process. 

Recycled rubber horse stall mats are very durable and last for years if you clean the horse urine from it often.

Using rubber stall mats for horses with allergies or respiratory problems is a great way to reduce the dust levels in the stable as there is no need for the usual bedding that would inflame their airways. 

It is also a great solution for horses that incur a lot of vet bills because they insist on eating their straw or wood shaving bedding and anything else they can reach. 


As a conscientious horse owner who already commits at least a couple of hours a day to cleaning your horse stable, you will be utterly delighted with how easy and fast it is to clean out when you use rubber stall mats for horses.   

Just sweep out any waste like normal. Then all you have to do is hose the surface down with water and a mild detergent.  This is a hygienic and streamlined process compared to what you have to do nowadays to keep your stable clean and healthy for your horses. 

Buying rubber stall mats for horses is not nearly as expensive as you may think.  Our rubber flooring stall mats for horses are made from recycled rubber which means you help the environment as well as your horses when you buy eco rubber flooring made in the USA. Contact us for a great deal for a test mat or a bulk order. 

At Rubber Flooring Direct we can help you find the right Rubber Stall Horse Mat Manufacturers for your horse requirements. Whether it is rubber flooring rolls or interlocking rubber floor tiles, in colors or solid black, whether thick or thin, we have the right rubber stall mats for horse and stable flooring. 

You can also fax or email us your floor plan and we will figure out the best way to lay out your floor to reduce the number of seams, and most importantly, reduce waste. By reducing waste we save you money. 

If you are upgrading your stalls to use rubber stall mats for horses, give us a call to discuss your commercial fitness flooring options. We will work with through the entire process with no sales pressure and help you find the best rubber flooring rolls or Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles for your purpose. 

Call us today and find out why our rubber horse stall mat and rolled rubber flooring is the best in the industry. 

Call 800-279-1693 and an experienced Rubber Flooring Expert will be happy to answer all your horse stall rubber mat and Rubber Stall Horse Mat Manufacturers questions with no pressure or obligation. 

Just friendly flooring experts ready to answer your questions. Our promise to you is if we don't have what you are looking for, we will help you find another Rubber Stall Horse Mat Manufacturer. Now that's friendly old fashioned service! 

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