Rubber Playground Mats

Falls Happen Fast.
Protect them when they fall!

Playground Mats and Safety

Each year over 200,000 children are injured in American playgrounds.

 70% of the children injured, received their injuries from falls to the surface below the play equipment.

Playground safety begins with the proper playground mats to protect your children or students from falls from equipment or tripping. 

Having the proper rubber playground tiling is critical to ensuring that a simple fall from a slide or swing will not turn into a trip to the emergency room.  

Our rubber tiles and playground mats are certified to meet critical fall heights that are set forth by the IPEMA and are designed to create a smooth, colorful, visually pleasing and safe surface that will keep your little ones playing safe and happily for years to come. 

For more on playground critical fall heights click on the link below.  

For Playground Critical Fall Height Information Click Here

How are they made?

Our rubber playground tiles and mats are manufactured in the U.S.A. from the highest quality, recycled SBR tire rubber mixed with colorful – UV resistant EPDM granules which are also made right here in the U.S.A. 

The result is a rubber that is uniform in quality and density that is ideal for playground as well as rooftop and deck applications. It provides a clean and safe alternative to wood or rubber mulch.

How do they compare to wood or rubber mulch?

Our recycled rubber playground tiles provide a more stable and uniform surface than wood or rubber chips. Chips and mulch require a high level of maintenance to maintain the mandated safety levels and can end up with low spots, or blind spots which will not provide enough protection to prevent injuries from falls. 

Rubber playground tiles provide a stable, uniform and nearly maintenance free surface to protect those precious ones from injury. With our tiles, you will not have to be constantly sweeping and raking the surrounding areas to clean up after stray chips. Just a simple sweeping or hosing and our rubber tiles will look great for many years.

What thickness do the rubber playground tiles come in?

Our rubber playground surfacing tiles come in a variety of sizes depending on the height of your equipment. From 1” thick all the way up to 4 1/4” thick, we have the right tile to meet your needs. Click here to determine which tile is right for you.

Do I have a choice of colors?

Of course you do. Rubber flooring direct offers a wide variety of colors from our standard pigmented line which includes; black, red, green and grey to the 12 colors of our Ultra line. 

We can also custom create almost any color you can imagine to match or compliment your school or facility's colors. Click here to take a look at our custom colors page. 

What about custom designs and logos?

At Rubber Flooring Direct we can custom make any design you would like right into the tiles. Our capabilities range from simple lettering in the tiles to complex designs or graphics that set your location apart. 

Do you want a 12’ dinosaur in your tiles - or your park or school's name spelled out - or an ocean or mountain scene? No problem! 

Give us a call today! No matter how simple or complex, we will be happy to discuss your rubber playground design ideas. We are here to help! Call 800-279-1693 to talk to a rubber flooring representative.

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Kids fall over - it happens. No matter how hard a parent or guardian tries to prevent them, kids will fall down and hurt themselves - it is what they do. 

With our rubber playground mats however you at least have the comfort that you are not going to have to rush to the hospital because someone fell off the swings.

Our rubber playground mats offer great protection for your school, playground or even garden. Being certified by the IPEMA for meeting critical fall heights you know that our rubber playground mats will make the kids in your care much safer.

In regards to comparison with wood and rubber chips you will find that our rubber playground mats require far less maintenance. There will be no loose chips to sweep up at the end of every play session. 

Just a sweep or a hose every once in a while will keep your rubber playground mats in great shape for years to come. Our rubber playground mats also offer much more protection for the children. There are no low or blind spots like you can get with rubber or wood chips that can offer very little protection in case of a fall.

Apart from the great practicality of our rubber playground mats they also look fantastic. Available in a wide range of colors there is something for every playground or school. 

If you want colors to match your school colors or even your school logo we can incorporate that into your mats. 

If you have a particular theme of a playground space, a design can be added onto your tiles  or what ever would fit in with the theme of your playground.  You also have the option of creating playground designs by the creative layout of tiles or blocks.  

Our professional staff can help you to work out how to use creativity in the layout of your patterns for play areas both inside and outside.

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Safety Benefits of Using Recycled Rubber Playground Mats

Most people don't notice the surface under the swings and slides in their child's playground. But when their child is injured the surface material becomes relevant.

One of the products we have looked at for our new playground is rubber flooring mats.  

Rubber flooring material is an excellent choice for playground surfaces. The advantages over other popular ground surface choices are many. 

Landscape designers, professional playground owners and parents are impressed with rubber flooring's extremely safe, impact-resistant properties.

Some of those benefits of Playground Rubber Flooring Mats include:  

  1. Safety. Rubber flooring is impact-resistant and slip-resistant. The rubber is designed to be flexible and springy. This allows it to act as a cushion against impacts and reducing the risk of serious injuries when children fall from play structures.
  2. Style. Kids love bright colors. Businesses love branding their products. Rubber floor mats are available in a wide range of colors, styles and  thicknesses. Available in rolls or as interlocking mats, rubber flooring can be customized in bright colors, with logos and other designs. 
  3. Noise. Rubber flooring reduces the problem of noise. Rubber absorbs the sounds rather than reflecting it. In highly populated areas where people are sleeping or working during the day, reducing the sounds of kids at play is necessary.  
  4. Maintenance. Playground Rubber Flooring Mats are stain resistant and repel dirt well making it easy to maintain with routine care. Sweeping the surface of debris with a broom should be done regularly. The rubber mats can be cleaned with mild soap and water. 
  5. Durability. Rubber flooring is extremely durable, UV resistant and frost-proof. It is not easily damaged, maintaining its shape no matter how tough kids are on it. Their durability makes them a smart financial choice as well since they will not need to be replaced often.

Your Rubber Flooring Dealer can help you make the right purchase and help with any installation needs. 

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