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Physical therapy flooring is a very important consideration when designing or re-modeling a physical therapy area or facility.

Rubber flooring that is low impact, functional and tough, will last for years and help give your physical therapy center a professional look. 

Rubber Flooring Direct has a comprehensive line of cost effective PT flooring that is perfect for both small and large physical therapy facilities.

rubber flooring in physical therapy area

Our rubber PT flooring is commercial grade, wear resistant and designed for repetitive use by physical therapists and in fitness clubs.  It is very easy to care for. 

Just mop with water and a neutral pH cleaner, and it's ready for the next session. 

Our rubber flooring is engineered to provide resilience, cushioned support for comfort to help protect against further injury and will hold up to wheeled carts, exercise and training equipment.

phsical therapy rubber flooring gym

Rubber Flooring Direct carries a wide variety of products to help individuals achieve improved quality of life through healthier bodies and effective pain management. 

Physical therapy centers love working with us because of our extensive background in helping them and their patients achieve maximum results through low impact, high quality rubber PT flooring.

Call us today at 800-279-1693. We'll be happy to help you with your commercial or residential rubber flooring needs.

Our physical therapy flooring not only will give your physical therapy center a great professional look, it also provides a great low impact and tough support that will last in your facility for years. It provides both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

Helping to protect your clients against further injury with its excellent cushioned support for extra comfort, our physical therapy flooring would be a great addition for any center. It can hold up very well against any exercise equipment or any other types of training equipment that your facility uses. 

A big bonus for people with very busy physical therapy centers is that our physical therapy flooring is so easy to take care of. Just simply use a mop and an easy to find natural PH cleaner and you are ready to go for your next session. 

Designed with heavy use in mind, our physical therapy flooring will give you years of great use. 

It is very important when designing, or even if you are remodeling your physical therapy facility, (or even if you just have a small physical therapy area inside your gym or practice) to make sure you get professional presentation as well as durability in your floor coverings.

We have a great background in helping physical therapy centers and have been been working with them for years. Call us to see how we can help you!

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7 Reasons Physical Therapy Rubber Flooring Is the Best Option

Choosing a flooring option should be a top priority in your physical therapy facility design. You need something that is durable and long lasting. That's why physical therapy Rubber flooring is the best option for your needs. 

Here are 7 reasons why.

  1. Durability. A physical therapy rubber flooring roll needs to be durable to stand up to many hours of use. Patients will be walking, rolling and jumping on the flooring while they they recover from injuries and illnesses.
  2. Slip Resistant. Rubber flooring is slip resistant with a coating built into it to keep the material from becoming slick when wet.
  3. Thickness. Physical therapy involves many different types of exercises. Having a floor material that is available in different thicknesses allows the facility to choose the thickness that is right for their needs. Available in 3 thicknesses, 1/4", 5/16” and 3/8" and in 4’ wide rolls with standard lengths of 25’ and 50’. They can be cut to the customer’s length at no additional charge. The square tiles are a 24” x 24” size. 
  4. Low Maintenance. Rubber flooring tiles are low maintenance requiring only a washing with water and a natural PH cleaner occasionally. They can be swept with an ordinary broom to remove loose dirt. 
  5. Secure. Physical therapy rubber flooring tiles and rolls can be secured with an adhesive to keep the material secure. With wheelchairs, walkers and unstable patients, having a secure floor is a necessity to prevent further falls.
  6. Sound Absorption. With several machines and therapist working at once the facility noise level can get overwhelming. Rubber floor tiles absorb sound so that the gym is quieter, making therapy a more relaxed experience.
  7. Customization. Rubber floor tiles come in 26 standard colors and an unlimited number of custom colors. your corporate logo can be imprinted in the tiles to add a professional look to your floor. 
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