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rubber flooring rolls

All rubber flooring rolls are not created equal!
Knowing the difference will make your project a huge success.

There is a huge difference when it comes to the quality of rubber flooring rolls, which directly affects the quality of your project. Rubber Flooring Direct offers only the best in materials and customer service.

Have you ever walked into a gym and noticed you could see all of the separate pieces of the rolled rubber flooring with uneven gaps in all of the seams? It completely ruins the look of the gym. 

You can spend a fortune on fitness equipment and your facility, but poor quality rolled rubber weight room flooring can greatly take away from the overall visual appeal to the athletes.

Now picture that same gym with a beautiful floor with seams so tight that it actually looks as if it were a one piece floor. This kind of flooring compliments the equipment and overall look of the space instead of distracting from the look and creating a dingy appearance. 

A good looking rubber floor can take the look of your space from miserable to magnificent simply by installing the best rubber flooring available from Rubber Flooring Direct.

Question: “So how do I get this type of a look in my home gym or commercial fitness center?"

Answer: "By installing the best made rolled rubber flooring available today from Rubber Flooring Direct.”

We offer only the cleanest and highest quality crumb rubber, along with the best binders in the industry. Our EPDM color chips are manufactured in a way that does not produce a strong smell. 

This leaves our flooring with the lowest level of rubber smell in the industry. In fact we are often called to replace competitor's flooring due to the high level of rubber odor many of them release. 

This smell can take months or even years to get rid of -- but you won’t have that trouble with our rubber flooring rolls. 

Rubber flooring colored rolls

The manufacturing process is critical and we are very fortunate to be associated with the highest quality manufacturer of this type of rubber flooring rolls. 

Not only do we feel this way, but our opinion is shared with sports flooring installers across the nation. Installers love our material and the resulting floor leaves a tight, good looking floor that people will notice.  

Question: “Is it as expensive as it sounds?”  

Answer: "Not at all. You will be very pleasantly surprised at our very competitive pricing. Our volume allows us to pass on the savings to you. This allows you to buy the best at prices that can't be beat."

Question: “Do I have to hire expensive installers?”

Answer: "No you don't. Our rolled rubber flooring rolls come standard in 4’ wide rolls by 25’ long and 50’ long and they are very easy to work with. 

We can also custom cut your roll lengths AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to make your installation a breeze." 

Helpful Installation Links

The following links contain helpful floor preparation and rubber roll installation instructions. 

Please take a look at our instruction pages and if you do not find the information you are looking for, please give us a call at 800-279-1693.  We're happy to help.

Installation Photos

Detailed Rubber Flooring Rolls Installation Instructions

Correct Room Measurement

Job Site and Sub Floor Requirements

Gym Floor Check List

Call us today and find out why our rolled rubber flooring is the best in the industry. 

Call 800-279-1693 and an experienced Rubber Flooring Expert will be happy to answer all of your rubber gym flooring questions with no pressure or obligation. Just friendly flooring experts ready to answer your questions. 

Our promise to you is if we don't have what you are looking for, we will help you find it. Now that's friendly old fashioned service!

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Rubber Flooring Is Not Used  Only For  Commercial buildings

Many professional restaurant kitchens have been using rubber flooring for a long time. It is durable and stands up well to daily abuse. 

But rubber flooring isn’t just for the expert kitchen nowadays. Rubber floors are a perfect solution for creating a commercial quality flooring for your kitchen in your home. 

One of the most comfortable and resilient flooring made to walk and stand on, rubber flooring is extremely easy to care for. Rubber flooring saves your legs and back from the strain that comes from standing for long periods of time.

Not to mention it is very forgiving to dropped glassware, reducing shattering risks. Rubber flooring comes in textured tiles or rolls and will last at least 20 years or more. 

Rubber tiles come in a variety of colors and thicknesses to meet the needs of most kitchens.

Rubber flooring is a stable flooring product and it's resilient. 

Rubber flooring is a long-life product, with some installations reporting that the flooring they installed lasted up to 30 years and more. Maintenance is easy. Regular sweeping and mopping are all that is needed to keep it maintained for years. 

Our Rubber flooring is   made from recycled tires and rubber products. 

Rubber flooring comes in hundreds of color combinations and custom creations. More and more customers are using rubber flooring in residential homes because of the variety of styles that they can choose from, plus the fact that is it appealingly eco-friendly. 

No longer is rubber flooring meant to be used only for the commercial property industry. Home owners are adopting the many benefits of this eco-friendly product into their homes. 

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